Inside People

Inside People Episode 1: Bro Man’s Sky (Zack Hill as Guest)

September 5, 2016

Hey All, Scott McCalla (@kingkiwigod) here! While Visiting the Pastoral Home in Sacramento, I got to visit with my brother, Zack Hill (@zackhillrealtor). We discuss a huge amount of small talk, some games, some shows, and some dating advice!

Actual topics: anti-anxiety medicine, weather, mexican food, modulus functions in math, dogs, cats, why I hate Zack's dog, FFXV Delay, FFX, Pokemon Go, No Man's Sky, The Get Down, Bojack Horseman, dating advice.
Yes, our Mic work sucks donkey dicks. I normalized the volume and amplified lots of sections. Episode 2 will be less obnoxious!
Music is yanked from PurplePlanetMusic (A royalty -free site) except for Bass Cannon by Excision, which was youtube ripped to provide a section bearing @OnlyAfro's Name with appropriate music.
Thanks for listening!