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Inside People Episode 10: WonderJLaw and Politicin’ (Zack Hill as Guest)

November 9, 2016


In this episode, Daniel, Zack and I talk about Politics the day before Election Day and discuss some games, then Zack had to go, so Daniel and I babbled on about celebrities, got serious about singing Wonderwall. For the record, people definitely mean Jennifer Lawrence when they say JLaw.


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Here’s what we talked about: How to fix the 2 Party System,The Electoral College, Gerrymandering, Owlboy came out, Witcher, Call of duty Infinite Warfare, Divinity 2, Towerfall Dark World, Wonderwall, Space Jam Musical / 2, SNL, Pokemon Generations, Supernatural, Supernaturalfeld,The morality of killing Pokemon, Overlord vs RE:Zero vs .hack vs Log Horizon vs Sword Art Online, The Gunslinger, Cane & Rinse, and 3-Word Dating Advice for OnlyAfro.


Featured Music:

‘Time Warp’ Scene With Lyrics | The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Excision - Bass Cannon

Oasis - Wonderwall Meets Metal


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