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Inside People Episode 14: Vader Van Broden (Vader Van Odin as Guest)

December 8, 2016

In this episode, Vader and I shit talk FFXV a bit (out of love, I swear!), blab about Souls Series Lore for a hot second, and get hyped about Nicolas Cage.


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Here’s what we talked about: “Would a unifying Theory for all of the souls games be possible? Would it be satisfying?”, Death Stranding 2 Trailer, Pokemon Sun/Moon, FFXV, Just Cause 3, Masky, Dice Mage, TitanFall 2, Dragon Quest Builders, Pokemon Generations, Kingsglaive, Outcast, Dragon Ball Super, The Last Kingdom, Frequency,The Blood of Elves (Witcher Book 3), Cryptonomicon, Just One Damn Thing After Another, Shake Off The Frost, and of course Dating Advice for OnlyAfro.


Featured Music:

Excision - Bass Cannon

Los Campesinos - I Broke Up In Amarante


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