Inside People

Inside People Episode 6: Scott’s A-Jakening (Jake Lionheart as Guest)

October 10, 2016
Daniel Byshenk hangs for a hot 15 min, and bounces, leaving the crack team of Jake Lionheart and Scott McCalla to blab on about awesome shit for another 4 hours. Here are our topics for the show:

Pokemon Sun & Moon Megas, Mario 64 Rom, Picross 2!!!, Cluster Truck, Back From Death, Witcher, More witcher, Politicats, The Last Bananacat, Maid & Slime, PewDiePie: Tuber Simulator, Snakebird, Kerflux, Open Bar, Pixelgrams, Land The Cat, Project Picross (P3D Clone), Rings, Smash Bros, Fart Fart Fart, Momodora, Double Dragon Remake, Scott Pilgrim, Castle Crashers, Dark Souls, Lost in Harmony, Overwatch, Slashy Souls, Scott & Jake sing Crazy, The Bloody Baron (Soap Opera), Xmen Apocalypse, Luke Cage, Daredevil, Secretary, The origins of The Ninja Turtles, Akame ga kill, Game Of Thrones 5 A Dance With Dragons, Don’t Give Up Skeleton, Nerd & Wife, One Shot, Overwatchers, Poision Arrow, The HP Lovecraft Literary Podcast, Twin Humanities, Dating Advice for OnlyAfro

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