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Inside People Episode 7: Ode to Geralt of Rivia (Cameron Davidson as Guest)

October 18, 2016
In this episode, Cameron and I do lots of waxing on about video games we love and Daniel makes some flash appearances!

Here’s what we talked about: The neatest things we did last week, Mega Blocks Destiny, Sonic Boom Ice and Fire on DS got a 7.5, Muk Colors, Witcher, Darkest Dungeon, Picross 2 credits, Lost in Harmony, Coin Princess, Buff Knight Advanced, Tsundere Sharks, FeeDog, Mr. Catt, Dragon Age: Inquisition, Kerbal Space Program, DOOM, Warhammer 40k:Soulstorm, Tomb Raider, Audioshield (VR), Space Pirate Trainer (VR), Endless Legend, Homeworld Remastered Collection, Stellaris, Guild Wars 2, Building A PC with Cam, ARQ, Magical Girl Raising Project, Monstress, Letter 44, Flying Witch, The Witcher books, The Expanse, Game Of Thrones 5 A Dance With Dragons, Don’t Give Up Skeleton, Nerd & Wife, One Shot, Overwatchers, Poision Arrow, The HP Lovecraft Literary Podcast, Twin Humanities, The Grandma’s Virginity, Dating Advice for OnlyAfro - Cameron’s CA Bar Website!
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