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Inside People Episode 8: Kill Marry Dutch Oven and the Mystery of the Lost Witcher Disc (Joel Davis as Guest)

October 27, 2016

In this episode, Daniel, Joel, and I have have a grand old time! Mom insults whizz past every ear!

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Here’s what we talked about: Biblical literalism and Pascal’s Wager, Nintendo Switch, Fromsoft is developing for the Switch, Catherine skins for Persona 5, Ashes of Arandiel comes out at midnight, Lots of board games are coming tomorrow, Pokemon Sun & Moon Demo, Xcom 2, Picross 2 (16 Puzzles away), Smash, Facerig, Cube, Toilet Squad, Top 5 ways to make Joel’s eyes roll when I look at your facebook posts, Daniel’s Unboxing for Five Four Segment, Kill Marry Dutch Oven, Power Rangers Movie, The Imitation Game, The Harvesters, Deep Water Horizon, The Witcher Book 1 The Last Wish, The Witcher Book 2 Sword of Destiny, The Higgs Boson and Beyond, Cane & Rinse, and Dating Advice for OnlyAfro

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Featured Music:

Bat for Lashes - Daniel

Billy Joel - We Didn’t Start the Fire

Jaguyton24 - Dutch Oven “a love song”

Excision - Bass Cannon

Judah & the Lion - Take It All Back 2.0

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