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Inside People Episode 9: Ashes of Ariandave (Dave Klein as Guest)

November 5, 2016

In this episode, Daniel, Dave, and I shoot the shit on Dark Souls 3 Ashes of Ariandel among many other topics! My apologies for the audio quality on my side; I just got a new recording program for Skype, and although the program works, I did not have the gain in Skype configured correctly. I used the audio that Dave recorded of himself, so he sounds good at least! Again, sorry I sound like I’m in a cardboard box, but Dave and I had some pretty good conversation, so don’t get too scared away ;D

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Here’s what we talked about: Artificial Human Augmentation, The Ship of Theseus, Where am I by Daniel Dennet, The feel of the Nintendo, Pokemon Sun & Moon Demo, Picross 2 Victory Lap (That’s 364 puzzles), Aux B, Smash, Mystic Vale, Journey, Witcher 3, Ashes of Ariandel, Dark Souls 2, FE7, Dave’s Most Desired Nintendo Switch titles Wish List, Half in the Bag by Red Letter Media, VG Music, The Magus’s Wife, To Be Hero!, Pokemon Generations, The Witcher Book 2 Sword of Destiny, The Song “Daniel” by Bat For Lashes, and Dating Advice for OnlyAfro!

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‘Time Warp’ Scene With Lyrics | The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Thank You For the Daves - A Celebration of Dave - The Dave Song

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